EQ Assessment


Lumina Spark

This is our preferred assessment- Lumina Spark is reliable cutting edge psychometric tool. With a strong base in Jungian and Positive psychological theory, Lumina Spark acts like a Swiss Army knife, not only helping to create awareness of the individual, but also how they interact with their organizations and teams. Further “Spark” gives insights into how individuals show up when they are most comfortable, when they are out in the world, and when they are under pressure.

Self Awareness is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence and Lumina Spark is, by far the best tool we have found.

Ever been to a fantastic event, heard a great speaker or a great idea only to have that excitement fade a few days or a week later? We hate that, so we want to help you get the most out of ALL your programs, not just ours. Invite us in and we will design an integration plan to truly help you become an innovative and effective learning organization.

Integration Services


Coaching and Development

Good leaders are hard to find, so much so that there is no single word for “good leader” in the English language. Jigsaw seeks to help fill this gap in several ways.

    • Leadership Coaching – Adding perspective and innovation through one-on-one coaching.
    • Leadership Training and Development

Mentorship is the oldest form of coaching. Jigsaw understands Mentorship like few others (we did our master’s work on Mentorship). WE can design effective programs for organizations of all sizes, virtual, or in person.


Mission and Vision

Creation and Alignment

Not just words, a clear mission/vision gives people the framework to act autonomously. It allows each member of an organization to understand, not just why the institution exists, but also how and why their part is important. With proper implementation and alignment, mission, vision, and values allow:

    • Less micromanagement
    • Better product
    • Improved employee retention
    • More engaged workforce

All of which add to bottom line profits

Yoga and Meditation