We are not huge fans of events – you know, we have all attended. We go, we get great insights that will change everything and 2 weeks later, we are back to business as usual. Jigsaw Seeks to be more than a speaker/facilitator, but we also know it needs to start somewhere. We offer several experiences.

The Experience


Lunch and Learn

Essentially, we join you and your team for lunch. We will talk about EQ, Organizational Health, Leadership, and Teams. If you are not sure of the concepts or want to check interest (or us), this is a super low risk way to start.

½ day Jigsaw Experience

In a half day we will introduce the Lumina Spark to your team. They will have taken this prior to our time together and we will go through what it is, what it means, and how it might be used. It’s a lot of material to cover in a short time. Best for smaller teams. Great to fit into team retreats.


Full day Jigsaw Experience

This is the way we prefer to introduce the Lumina Spark. We introduce the Lumina Spark, but are able to dig a little deeper. There is more time for interaction, more time for participants to find how they relate to the report and others. In a full day Jigsaw Experience we can begin to work with the concepts of leadership or teams.

Multi Day Jigsaw Experience

Customized for your team or organization, Jigsaw can plan team or executive retreats. This can look any way you want it. Jigsaw has a deep base in multiple topics such as professional development, personal development, business tools and processes,yoga and wellness and partner experts in things like design thinking and process improvement. Working together we can create the experience you need.


Increase Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Health!

All participants of the ½ ,full day , or multi day Jigsaw Experiences receive the full Lumina Spark report. This is over 30 pages of custom personalized psychometric information.