Who We Are

Culture is a puzzle and we can help deliver the pieces that make your big picture a reality.

What is Jigsaw Culture Consulting?

Jigsaw is about people, specifically you, your people, and your customers. Our solutions are custom created to deliver results to your bottom line.

Our Mission

Making work better…for everyone

Our Philosophy

By making work better,

we create a better world.

What We Do

We listen

We want to know. We want to know you and your people. We want to know the pains and the joys of your business.

We are a bit like a therapist for your organization. Once we have diagnosed an issue, we will develop mutually agreed upon goals. These could include improved retention, customer ratings, or efficiencies. We will then develop strategies to make those goals a reality.

What We Know

We know a lot, we’ve seen alot, we’ve done a lot.

How We Help?

We know it’s probably not as complicated as you think- but it might be.

We know why most startups fail and we can improve your odds.

We know business IS people.

We know a small amount of force, in the right place, with the right leverage can start a landslide- perhaps as little as a new perspective.

We know disruption and innovation.

We love to share what we know.