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The World Changed

So We did Too

The world is working remote now due to the Covid19, and like you, we had to pivot. In a world now so strongly based in the technological, we cannot escape that there is a human behind every screen. All organizations and leaders are being stressed like never before. Many of our friends and acquaintances are unemployed and many more face job insecurity daily. Nothing happens just like it used to. Jigsaw has gone remote. 
We have spent the last month retooling our offerings to help you stand out whether as a leader, an new graduate, a job seeker, or looking to get ahead of your perceived competition.
Likewise we added remote team lunch and learns- designed to be interesting, informative and interactive. 
Reach out to us through the button below to see what might work for you

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Why Invest In (EQ)?

It's not accounting, or sales, or a process of the month. It's a human skill that touches every aspect of business (and all our interpersonal interactions), so it's kind of a big deal.

In simple terms, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the highest indicator of success, meaning the best leaders, job applicants, teams and so on, tend to have higher emotional intelligence. The correlation of EQ in successful pe

ople is reported to be even higher than that of IQ (Harvard Review). Unlike general intelligence, emotional intelligence can be learned and improved. 

These are “soft skills”, but make no mistake, the impact to an organizations bottom line is real. 

Improved EQ delivers direct improvement for theIndividual

  • Increase Impact and Influence

  • Stand out (get hired, get noticed, get the promotion)

  • Build Rapport quickly and effectively

  • Better understand and regulate yourself

  • Gain insight into others 

  • Know and use your strengths and blind spots 

  • Communicate and work better and more efficiently 

And therefore influences the following organizational functions. 

  • Revenue(Sales)

  • Effectiveness

  • Engagement

  • Decision Making(Planning)

  • Satisfaction (Internal and External)

  • Communication (Internal and External)

  • Leadership

  • Hiring

  • Teamwork

  • Process Improvement

  • Stability (Individuals and Organizations)

  • Market Awareness

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People Centered Solutions

Get the most from your best resources


Executive Coaching Session

No Matter What the Challenges

This is exactly what it sounds like. One on one. Whether you just need a fresh perspective, a check in, or support through a major organizational change. This is your hour (or hours) we design programs and support for executives, job hunters, or students transitioning to careers. Schedule a call to see how we can help.

Team Building Session

Get the Most out of Life

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out? My specialization will help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals. Get in touch today and start taking control of your life with my coaching tools and techniques.

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Bridge Over River

About Jigsaw

Experience and Knowledge

I have spent most of the last decade dedicated to making work better...for everyone. This includes a Masters degree in Human Dimensions of Organizations from UT Austin. 
As luck would have it, My masters work revolved around remote mentorship, engagement, and organizational commitment. I have also worked remotely for the last 2-3 years. 
The bottom line, I know a bit about this. Remote culture is way more than a quiet space, good internet, and your bunny slippers. Personal connection is more important and more difficult than ever before.
I have all new remote offferings and coaching that is more relevant to maintaining productivity and engagement in a remote environment. 
Please schedule "Meet and Greet" to see how we can help you and your teams.

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